6 Beauty Habits That Will Make You Feel Happier and More Confident

Even though it's hard to believe all the time, you have the power to feel like your absolute best self. Sometimes searching for happiness is so hard-we all have those days. Life has proven to be incredibly unpredictable, and we have to just live it. We're unsure of what's coming next most of the time, but trusting in the journey is the key. We also have to remember that we have a choice. A choice to feel content and ok with whatever life throws our way. The trick is finding joy in the little things.

Life's smallest pleasures can have the biggest impact on your day. Over at Byrdie, that means making room for self-care activities. Whether it's taking our favorite workout class to blow off much-needed steam or indulging in a luxurious nightly skincare routine-it makes us feel good. Feeling good has the power to turn your whole day around. Seriously, though, committing to small acts of kindness for yourself is proven to be life-changing. Searching for some happiness? Here are six healthy beauty habits things our editors love doing to feel like the most confident versions of themselves.

Hallie Gould

1. Indulge in Your Skincare Routine

“In college, I slapped some cheap moisturizer on my face and called it a night, but after learning about the importance of maintaining a strict, consistent skincare regimen, I carve time out of my schedule each night to devote to my face, neck, and décolleté. In fact, I actually look forward to getting ready for bed each night. The process of washing off the day's makeup, toning, and layering on serums is so pampering, and it's insurance that my skin is being cared for and properly hydrated. It also helps that I have so many fun potions to play with to make the process more exciting. I then take my supplements (vitamin D and curcumin) and hop into bed with a full bottle of water feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for a good night of beauty rest.” - Lindsey Metrus, senior editor

“I go through my intricate skincare routine very, very slowly-it's unbelievable how calming that can be. The smells, the textures, the way my skin glows after it's all said and done, there's truly nothing else like it. I start with myВ Eve Lom Gel Balm CleanserВ ($83), it uses an essential oil blend of clove, eucalyptus, hops, and chamomile oil to melt away makeup, dirt, debris, and any remaining stress from the day. It smells like a spa and protects your skin from lingering redness. Next, I move on to toner and then Biologique Recherche'sВ P50 1970 exfoliating lotion. I follow up with SkinCeuticals CE FerulicВ ($142) for my vitamin C fix andВ Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier to plump up my skin. I rub on a tiny bit of 3Lab'sВ Super Cream, a fancy sample I've been using that costs almost as much as my rent. -В Hallie Gould, senior editorВ

“I'm aware that this sounds dramatic, but establishing a skincare regimen kind of changed my life. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits-and the subsequent confidence boost-I really just love the ritual of it. Taking those few minutes to cleanse and care for my complexion every evening is such a nice way to unwind from a stressful day. Just a few years ago, I had zero concept of self-care in any form, and just learning to wash my face properly was my first introduction. It has ultimately been such a key lesson for me: that taking just a little bit of time for self-indulgence can make a huge impact on my well-being.” - Victoria Hoff, senior editor at Ritual and Byrdie contributor

2. Make Time for Yourself in the Morning

“My best mornings are spent when I have enough time to enjoy them. I'm far from a morning person, so, I like to give myself extra time to relax and gather my thoughts before heading to the office-it's paramount in working through an anxious mind. I wash my sheets at night so they're soft and fragrant, wake up an hour or two early to natural light, stretch out my body (bonus points for a few sun salutations if I'm feeling it), and relax on the couch while I go through any remaining emails in my inbox. I absolutely cannot deal with unread messages. So, yes, you'll probably find me flipping through emails almost 24/7. To help myself from that being the constant, I make sure to give myself enough time in the morning (while drinking my coffee and listening to music) to sort through it all so I don't have any inbox buildup.”- Hallie Gould

3. Take Your Favorite Workout Class

“It's safe to say that pretty much nothing compares to the adrenaline and release I get from cycling. I started in March of this year and have been going every single week since. It's like my therapy. I challenge my body's limits, and it's the one 45 minutes of the day I get to dedicate to myself. I leave all of my worries and stress behind when I'm cycling. I zone out and ride until I feel the most accomplished. The changes I see in my body and in my mindset are so gratifying.” -В Maya Allen, digital beauty editor at Marie ClaireВ

“There's nothing like a kick-ass workout to take me out of my head. Even if I'm in the mindset of 'Oh I don't have time, or, there's no way I'll have enough energy to drag myself through sixty minutes of spinning.' I always feel one million times better after the fact. Knowing that you accomplished something that an hour ago felt impossible? There's something to be said for that.” - Erin Jahns, associate beauty editor at Who What Wear

4. Spend Time in Nature

“If I'm stressed, scattered, or just feeling meh, I alwaysВ makeВ sure to schedule some time in nature. It's my form of Xanax-just walking around outside immediately calms me down and puts everything into perspective. I'm lucky enough to live close to some pretty stellar hiking trails in Los Angeles, so I try to log an hour there a few times a week. And by doing it regularly, that calming effect has trickled over into my daily life. It's a testament to the fact that ifВ youВ find your own version of meditation-no matterВ whatВ that is-it really does transform your mind for the better.” -В Victoria HoffВ


5. Take A Bubble Bath

“I can't even count how many resolutions for my life I've come up with during a bubble bath. It's seriously my therapy. That rare moment of stillness throughout my week gives me so much clarity. I start with a hydrating face mask-I usually reach for Fresh's Rose Mask, it has this calm, cooling effect on my skin. Then, I'll lather on a lip scrub. I've been loving the sweet scent of MAC's Lip Scrub ($30) and how silky it leaves my lips feeling. I'll massage a leave-in conditioner into my roots and put on a shower cap to steam and hydrate my hair. " -Maya AllenВ

"I've never been a bath person until I moved to New York. Maybe it's because I vibrate at a higher frequency here (most LA thing I've ever said?), but I find myself with the newfound desire to sit in a bath at the end of a particularly stressful day to unwind. I always wash my face beforehand and put on a face mask; the steam from the bath helps the ingredients penetrate deeper, so it's a win-win." -Faith Xue, editorial director

6. Make A Trip to the Hair Salon

“There is absolutely nothing like getting my color refreshed. Seriously, saying goodbye to my dishwater roots makes me feel like I've been born again-and the same goes for a good spray tan! A touch of color makes my features pop and just breathes some much-needed life into my (typically) tired complexion.” - Erin Jahns

"Ever since I went platinum blonde, I've had to go back to the hair salon every four weeks to touch up my roots. This could be seen as a chore, and I'm not going to lie and say that I look forward to the four-hour appointment every month, but I've found that sitting there with bleach on my head is also the perfect opportunity to get off my phone and do some reading. I feel way more relaxed after I lose myself in a good book vs. scrolling endless on my Instagram, and then there's the added bonus of leaving the salon with fresh new color and a really good blowout." -В Faith Xue